Hulda Potila
(In the proper photograph from the right Hulda Potila, Impi Sotavalta, and Toini Nyström)
©Photograph: Friends of Finnish Handicraft
(Suomen Käsityön Ystävät r.y.)
(1894-1968), Textile Designer

Part-time vocational teacher at the textile department of the Central School of Applied Arts 1928-1948 and
senior textile design teacher of the Institute of Applied Arts 1949-1962.

  • Teacher of weaving 1920
  • The Central School of Applied Arts 1924-25
  • Study trip to Scandinavia 1928
  • Study trip to Sweden and Norway 1929
  • Study trip to France and Italy 1937
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design and the Board of Directors 1948-49
  • Member of the Board of Ornamo 1956-
  • Chairman of the Association of Textile Designers 1956-64
  • Private exhibition 1932
  • Milano Triennale, bronze medal 1933
  • Works presented at the World's Fair of Paris 1937

Woven textiles by Hulda Potila are to be seen in the churches of Askainen, Kangasniemi, and Pertteli, among others.

Textile pattern design had been a subject in the Central School of Applied Arts even before, but when a separate department of textile art had been opened in 1929, training in fabric pattern design actually started under the lead of Hulda Potila.

Design for fabric. 1925
Design for fabric. 1925
©Photograph: UIAH/Picture Archives