Bruno Tuukkanen
National Board of Antiquities

(1891-1979) Painter, Decorative Painter

Teacher of Painting and Drawing at the Central School of Applied Arts 1948-49, of the Institute of Industrial Art 1961-66, Senior Teacher 1949-59 and Headmaster 1951-59.
  • Attended the Drawing School of the Friends of Art in Viipuri 1906-08
  • Studies in Stockholm 1908-12
  • Decorative and Glass Painter 1914-
  • Attended Central School of Applied Arts 1916-18
  • Study trips to different countries in Europe 1912-58
  • Chairman of Ornamo 1952-57

Glass Paintings:

  • Viipuri Theatre and the Round Tower (with T. Wikstedt)
  • Juselius Cemetery Chapel, Pori
  • Alfred Kordelin Cemetery Chapel, Rauma
  • Churches in Jyväskylä, Loviisa, Mariehamn, and Suomussalmi
  • The Society of Finnish Literature building, Helsinki
  • Kaleva insurance company building, Helsinki
  • Helsinki University Institution of Anatomy
  • Kotka Congregational Hall and Town Hall

Mural Paintings

  • Michael Agricola Church, Helsinki
  • Parliamentary Building, Helsinki
  • Privatbanken Banking House, Helsinki

Bruno Tuukkanen contributed notably to the final design of the Finnish state flag under the lead of Eero Snellman. Several famous artists had designed a flag for the Republic of Finland, among them Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Emil Wikström, and Eliel Saarinen, who for instance had made a drawing before the War of Independence for a red and yellow cross flag, later called the Sipoo flag.

Bruno Tuukkanen presented himself in the Paris World's Fair in 1937 winning a Grand Prix.

Pictures of Works by Bruno Tuukkanen

Decoration work of Privatbanken.
From left: Carl Slotte, Wilho Sjöström, and Bruno Tuukkanen
©Photograph: National Board of Antiquities


Glass paintings in the cemetery chapel of Alfred Kordelin, Rauma. 1921
©Photographs: Anu Lehtonen
Jonah and the Whale
Jonah and the Whale
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve
The Wise Men from the Orient
The Wise Men from the