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Hortling A, Mannonen R, Brinck J.

In the investigation of bonechina from Lapland of Finand there is the aim to evaluate if it is possible to utilize waste of reindeer bone as a rawmaterial for a special claybody of local Lapland bonechina design. In the district of Sodankylä in Lapland there are two slaughter-houses, which produce bone wastes. The bone is a wellknown rawmaterial for the bonechina when it is manufactured in a suitable form. In Finland Arabia porcelain factory has manufactured bonechina late in the 19th century, and the production has restarted recently. In England there are a long and wellknown tradition of bonechina design and the industrial treatment of boneash.

The aim of this presentation is to test with the reindeer boneash, which natural minerals are able to use as ready made sawdust from the stonequarring in Sodankylä local industry in Lapland. The testsamples are at first prepared with common rawmaterials and these are compared with testsamples from the other minerals of Lapland. The performance of the local minerals in the products is important for the identity of design. In the project there is included an ecological and estethic idelogy, where bonechina design production is influenced by local rawmaterials.

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