- Theory and History of Ceramic and Glass -
Finland's ceramics artists are seeking their roots. The young generation, in particular, is questioning the professional image that only recently seemed so homogeneous. A marked need and interest has emerged to examine the concepts and values of the field from a historical perspective. 

The research tradition in industrial art has been biased towards objects, seeking to reveal the life lived behind these objects, the makers, teachers, people and collective ideals that have influenced the forms and contents of the individual's work. 

Design and Art

A strong orientation towards artistic expression has been one of the trends in ceramics and glass in the past few years. The need for change brought by the times has forced artists to seek new roles and ways of working. This has been accompanied by a growing desire to reassess what they are doing, their artistic activities, the process of creation and the aesthetics of making. 

A new school is emerging in research. The post-graduate students are finalising their research plans, while at the same time deliberating the nature of their artistic research. Work of this kind will, it seems, inevitably lead to the development of new research methods requiring creativity. 

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