Responsibility for the environment and the search for solutions to the problems of postindustrial society have inspired the recent development projects at the department. The aim of our research programmes is to tackle the problems of developing new materials and to introduce new flexible technology for ceramic and glass production. The research laboratory is focusing on deepening the understanding of design concepts and encouraging small and medium size industry to invest in design. 

The combinined topic of our work is "Interaction in ceramics - art, design and research". The designer's point of view and mastery of the whole process of production, from materials to the end product, will give the department's projects a unique edge. The strength of the research team lies in its active international network and in its use of the latest information technology. 

In 1992 the department organised an international conference Interaction in Ceramics - Art, Design and Research.

In 1996 the department will organise the 2nd international conference in Networks in Ceramics - Interaction in Art, Design and Research


Theory and history of ceramics and glass 
  • Artisan - Artist- Product Designer? 
  • Art Orientated Research 
  • Creation of Works of Art as an Unifying Process 
  • Art and Document - observatory and Documentary Approach in Artist's Work 
  • Material sciences and production techniques 
  • Bonechina of Lapland in Finland
  • Flame-spraying on glass 
  • Paperclay 
  • Development of colour glasses for leadfree glass bases 
  • Tiles from waste materials 
  • Bricks by recycling 
  • Production of a recycled glass product by sintering 
  • Lead release by earthhenware are glazes containing coloring engobes 
  • Deformations of ceramic materials during manufacturing process 
  • KIMOKELA - Kierrätetty monitorilasi keramiikka- ja lasiteollisuuden raaka-aineeksi  

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