Artist's Statement

My exhibition Mirror play I that was held at the book gallery Laterna Magica last spring (1996) dealt with experience of being a woman with the help of loan images that referred to post-modern meaning contexts. Images of women that are familiar in our culture functioned as mirrors of femininity at this exhibition. My current exhibition Mirror play II continues with the same theme, but by using photos related to my personal history instead of loan images, I now make a personal commitment to my image world, forming a part of it. 

For their content the images are more tranquil now - images of naked female bodies have been replaced with family photos, dramatic positions have been substituted for stabile studio photos. I realize that I reflect myself to a familiar continuity of generations of women, to the closest images of femininity.

Through their material, however, these series of images represent corporality and the process of taking the body into one's possession. A great amount of the ceramic raw materials I made have their origins in a woman's world: in the pantry and cleaning cupboard. Moreover, some of the colorants were made directly from body fluids - urine and menstrual flow. However, after the process of firing ,only the constituents that are essential for ceramics remain - or in some cases nothing is left of them but an empty cavity.

Subject to breakage, the fragile clay slabs are also a crucial part of the thematic material of my exhibition. By letting myself drift into a distressingly sensitive state with my clay slabs, I notice that I look at myself straight in the eye in these mirror images of clay.

The exhibition forms a part of my doctoral thesis on which I work at the Department of Ceramics and Glass of the University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH), consisting of a series of exhibitions beside the written part. The exhibition has been produced in co-operation with the Media Lab of UIAH.