bath in vanity

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- Clichés of the welfare society - Bath in vanity - 1996 -

Unfired clayfigure soaks into the water as a symbol of fragile life. The pink bathtub, the paint and the tiles are not even harmed. Installation encludes also a video of the melting process. It is placed so that the figure is watching its own distrucktion from the television. 
- Personal Statement -
In my opinion people living in the same enviroment experiences their surroundings, colours, atmospheres and tensions between people very differently. There is no ultimate thruth. Every one of us lives in a different reality. From this comes my need of working. I hope to give people visions of the world that they maybe are too busy to see. 

My strength lies on a sensibility that receives impulses such as news and human behaviour from the enviroment. I feel that my personality works like a sensitive net. Spontaneous impulses become merged into my subconsciousness. It is where I find my ideas. Usually I begin to work only by based on feeling that this is important. During the working process the images from the subconsciousness will be transformed into a clear message. They get a language of their own. Intution is an important feature in the development of my work. 

What interest me at the time is human beings relation to constructured enviroment and nature. When people are surrounded by urban enviroment they begin to feel themselves as they were somehow above and alienated from nature. My message is that we cannot forget that we are only part of this ecosystem - not the masters of it. 

In my works I hope to highlight some aspects of man´s social behaviour, development and evolution. 

Jaana Brinck
Born: January 23, 1972 
Ukonkivenpolku 2 D 31
0160 Vantaa
+358 40 56 25 472

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