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University of Art and Design Helsinki 
UIAH Publications series B 30, 1993 
ISBN 951-9384-56-1 
ISSN 0782-1778 


Yrjö Sotamaa: Cultural Memory, p. 13 
Brush Sroke, p. 15 
Tapio Yli-Viikari: Interaction, p. 17 
Judith S. Schwartz: Nuturing the Future-Curriculum Issues in Ceramic Art, Design and Research, p. 21 
David Queensberry: Designing Ceramic Product for the Mass Market with Integrity, p. 29 
Masahiro Mori: Farms of Nature and Life, p. 35 
Helena Leppänen: Researching the Ceramics, p. 39 
Rober Kesseler: Expanding the Content, p. 43 
Ken Ferguson: Ferguson on Ferguson, p. 51 
Rudy Autio: Roots of the American Clay Movement, p. 55 


Riikka Kähkönen: Ceramics by Viscose Silica Clothing, p. 67 
Rosette Gault: Second Generation Ceramic Sculpture, p. 73 
Ritva Degerth: Air Impurities in Mixing and Firing Ceramic Clays, p. 81 
W. David Kingery: Internal Structure and Visual Eflects of Ceramics, p. 87 
Richard Spiller and Dean Goss: Ceramic Fiber Fusion: A Trowelable Mixture, p. 99 
Raija Siikamäki and Markku Rajala: Coloured Glasses for Lead-free Base Glass, p. 103 
Markus Eerola: Colour Surfaces on Glass by Flame Spraying, p. 109 
Airi Hortling and Kirsi-Marja Siren: The Eflect of Finnish Earthenware Clay and Calcium Oxide on the Colour Changes in Stoneware Glazes, p. 113 


Galina Manikova: Photographic Methods in Ceramics, p. 125 
Joao Vasco Oliveira Mateus: The History of CAD/CAM in Ceramics at CENCAL, p. 133 
Robert Sanderson: The Bourry Box Kiln, an Alternative Approach to Woodfiring, p. 139 
Julian Malins and Kenneth H. Tonge: Novel Atmospheres for the Production of Reduction Lustre, p. 145 
Jose Luis de Almeida Silva: Flexibility in Work, in Technology and Training Qualifications, p. 153 
Raino Ranta: CAD/CAM in Ceramic Design, p. 161 
Markku Rajala: Expert System for Glazes - A Case Study, p. 165 


Päivi Tahkokallio: If it is good it is Art - Reflections on Finnish Ceramics Today, p. 177 



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