Towards a comprehensive profession through interaction

Where does the market lie for graduating professionals in ceramic and glass design? This is the key question in the development of our education and research. We know that some of our graduating students will be able to set up as ceramic artists or studio potters in Finland, but intending designers or researchers will have to 'go international'. 

Our response is the interaction of art, design and research: that is, the creation of new, many-sided professionals in the field of ceramic and glass design. 

The degree programmes of ceramic and glass design have altered along with changes in the society. Computer aided design and new production methods and materials have been considered on the planning of the curricula of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. The Doctor of Arts degree - a pride of the University of Art and Design Helsinki - is structurally based on individual study plans - artistic or scientific - in combination with special courses offered by the department. 

Vuosikertomus 1998

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