International Furniture Design Conference
The Future of Design in an Increasingly Complex World
27 - 29 August 1997


The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH organised an international furniture conference New Simplicity? The Future of Design in an increasingly Complex World on 27-29 August 1997. The three-day conference consisted of keynote presentations and seminar sessions.


Keynote speakers and their titles

Uwe FISCHER (Germany):

It's just much more complicated

Stefan LINDFORS (Finland):

Inside out - Finnish Design

Ross LOVEGROVE (United Kingdom):

Organic Minimalism

Rodrigo RODRIQUES (Italy):

Italian Design: The Point of View of an Entrepreneur

Björn STEGGER (Denmark):

Fritz Hansen - Danish Design and Quality Furniture for 125 Years. The History. The Roots. Now. - And in Future

Mats THESELIUS (Sweden):

Scandinavia's message today - a Swedish perspective


New Simplicity or Old Simplification?

Yrjö WIHERHEIMO (Finland):

The Tradition of Good Design


The seminars were divided into four different themes:

A. New office furniture development

Nomana ANJUM; United Kingdom
Jon P. OTIS; United States
Juhani SALOVAARA, Finland

B. International perspectives of furniture production

Chandra Vijai SINGH, India
Teerewan WATHANOTAI, Thailand
Robert TULLY, Ireland

C. New forms of furniture design and production

Mikko JALAS, Finland
Celestino SODDU, Italy
Jan VERWIJNEN, Finland

D. Aspects of theory and education

Stewart P. WESSEL, United States
Ari SALONEN, Finland
Lea SARASJOKI, Finland


The conference was attended by 130 participants from 20 countries. One afternoon session took place in the showrooms of 8 furniture shops in Helsinki, where young Finnish designers and design students presented their works. An exhibition of these prototypes was open to the public for a week after the conference.

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