International Conference on Art and Design Research

4-6 September 1996


Problems, conceptualisation, synthesis

An increasing number of schools of art and design are adopting research as a vital component of their work. At the same time post-graduate education is striving towards an increasingly conceptual approach in educating professionals to operate in a rapidly changing environment. A dilemma familiar to us all has arisen from attempts to develop a productive synthesis between elements of established fields of research and the needs and approaches specific to the education and practice of art and design. Concepts such as artistic research and the reflective practitioner have evoked enthusiasm in the art and design community and strong criticism from academic circles.

Theories and methodologies, now

The aim of the conference is to take a closer look at the current state of theory and research methodologies and to reflect on what the future holds in store. The goal is not consensus, but a clarifying debate.

To fund, to organise, to manage

The administrative aspects of research will also be highlighted. What issues arise from newly opened channels of public funding? What strategic role does research in art and design education play in the industrial sector and higher education in general? We hope that the conference will stimulate the participants to share their experiences and opinions on the funding, organisation and management of research as well as on developing collaboration to our mutual benefit . UIAH will bring a Nordic and local profile to the conference and show where it stands on these issues.


The main presentations and themes of the workshop sessions will be grouped around a set of themes that structure the whole conference.

New context, new methodologies: a world of our own?
Art, design and practice: subjectification or communication?
Design studies, design research, cultural studies, history: where is the focus and what are the tools of inquiry?
Motivation and responsibility: ethos and ethics?
To teach, to tutor: research education
The framework: evaluation, management, funding, co-operation


Researchers, research students, educators, professionals and representatives of various disciplines are invited to gather in order to share their knowledge, to learn and to debate on topics related to art and design research.


Among the confirmed speakers are:

Professor Mark Cousins
The Architectural Association School of Architecture
London, UK

Dr. Carol Gray
Reader, Director of the Research Unit
Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen, UK

Dr. Victor Margolin
University of Illinois at Chicago
Illinois, USA


You are invited to submit papers for presentation at the International Conference on Art and Design Research.

The Organising Committee will consider all papers that deal with priority themes as outlined, represent a significant advance in current thinking and have not been widely disseminated prior to the Conference. Seminar presentations should not exceed 30 mins. + 15 mins. discussion. The Conference language is English.

Submissions should include the following information:
1 Full name of author(s) The name of the presenting author should be underlined
2 Title/Position
3 Organisation/Company
4 Full address of author(s)
5 Title of presentation/paper
6 Choice of theme(s)
7 Abstract, i.e. summary of your presentation (maximum one page A4)
8 Curriculum Vitae (maximum one page A4)

Submissions are requested through e-mail or on 3,5'' DOS or Macintosh disc with a hard-copy printout.
The email address is: .
Submission deadline: 31 January 1996 .

Postal address:
Conference Secretariat
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
Hämeentie 135 C

Tel. +358 0 7563 0539
fax +358 0 7563 0537.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Organising Committee and selected no later than 29 February 1996. Approved abstracts will be handed out at the Conference. The University intends to publish the proceedings in the UIAH Publication Series.


The Conference will be held at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki, Finland.


The Conference language is English.


Call for Papers Deadline 31 January 1996
Notification of Acceptance 29 February 1996
Second Announcement March 1996
Registration and Payment Deadline 15 August 1996
Pre-Conference Workshop 2-3 September 1996
Conference 4-6 September 1996


Notice of cancellation must be submitted by letter or telefax. The following charges apply if notice of cancellation is received by the Secretariat after confirmation:

Cancellation before 15 August - FIM 230/USD 55
Cancellation after 15 August - full conference fee


Full Conference fee FIM 2500/USD 587 *
Participant presenting a paper / Degree student FIM 1500/USD 352 *
Pre-Conference Workshop FIM 500/USD 118

Please note that all prices are in Finnish marks. US dollar prices are indicative only. All foreign-denominated payments will be based on current Finnish mark exchange rates.
* The USD prices are based on the exchange rates of 10 October 1995.

Registration is valid only after full payment has been received by the UIAH. Payment should be made by 15 August 1996. The participation fee includes plenary and seminar sessions, Conference package, the Get-Together Party on 4 September and coffee served during the Conference.

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