The Challenge of Complexity

3rd International Conference on Design Management
21-11 August 1995
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Finland.

The Conference has been endorsed by the ICSID, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

Design Management; Navigation not Control

The demanding challenge for designers and managers of design is to understand the consistent components of complex dynamic realities. Operating effectively in these realities is based on the understanding that complexity cannot be controlled, but navigated through.

In August 1995 the University of Art and Design Helsinki is to hold its 3rd International Conference on Design Management titled,The Challenge of Complexity. The purpose of which is to emphasise the strategic importance of design as a cross- disciplinary, integrative learning activity.

The conference is organised around a set of inter-related themes
Linking Vision to Capabilities
Strategic Design Planning
Design for Product Integrity
Change and Consumer Values
Imagination and Organisation
Design and Organisational Learning.

All of the above are intended to provide a rich educational framework where leading thinkers / practitioners from diverse but related fields view complexity as an opportunity to develop new products, markets, ways-of-thinking, organising and doing business.

The two-day programme consists of six plenary keynote lectures followed by six seminar sessions comprised of some 3-4 presentations, including several cases such as Philips/Alessi, Apple and Benetton.

Confirmed speakers include
Mr. Rodney Fitch - Rodney Fitch & Company, UK.
Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux - University of Stockholm, Sweden.
Dr. Noboru Konno - Consultant, Japan.
Mr. Alessandro Mendini - Atelier Mendini, Italy.
Mr. Tim Parsey - Apple Computer Inc.,USA.
Mr. Olivero Toscani - Benetton spa, Italy.
Professor Henriette Verburgh - UIAH, Finland.

Call for Papers

The University will organise and host its 6th Savitaipale Pre-Conference Workshop on Scenario Building as a Design Tool, 14-20 August 1995.

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