We wish you warmly welcome to IMPACT 2nd International Printmaking Conference at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Media Centre Lume.

2nd IMPACT is designed to emphasise and facilitate dialogue between professional artists, academics, advanced art students, curators, collectors, educators, editors and print historians.

The conference will take four days and will include a series of formal lectures, panel discussions, printmaking demonstrations, some workshops and exhibitions. There will also be ample time to establish contacts, networks and to exchange ideas with delegates from all over the world. There will also be opportunities for introducing universities and colleges to other like-minded international institutions, with the view to setting up students and staff exchanged programmes and shows. This is an ideal occasion to market your institution and recruit especially postgraduate and overseas students.
A daylong trip to Tallin, Estonia will be organised on Sunday September 2, 2001. The visit will offer a possibility to get acquainted with printmaking in Estonia.


THE UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN HELSINKI UIAH has been the centre of the Finnish art and design education for 130 years. Today UIAH, with its 21-degree programmes offered at 11 departments, is the largest autonomous art and design university in Scandinavia and one of the largest in the world. UIAH offers programmes at BA, MA and doctorate level in all disciplines and has annually about 1500-degree students and about 500 teachers working in the building of the famous Arabia Ceramic Factory.


Top MEDIA CENTRE LUME is an internationally unique centre for research, education and production in the audiovisual field. Integrating film, television, audiovisual multimedia and set design, its cutting-edge technology creates new, challenging opportunities for cooperation. In addition to the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, the Lume Centre serves business, organisations, other training and research institutions, as well as other universities and institutes of higher education. The studio facilities at Lume have been designed to meet the toughest requirements in the field. The centre also provides an excellent setting for conferences, meetings, fairs and cultural events.


Top HISTORY OF IMPACT The first IMPACT International Printmaking Conference was organised by the Centre for Fine Print Research Bristol UWE in association with the Royal West of England Academy and the Southern Graphics Council, USA. The successful conference took place in Bristol 22- 25 September 1999 with over 400 participants from 26 countries. The organising committee was chaired by Richard Anderton and Stephen Hoskins, UWE.