Kasyu Yabuta

Master Craftsman, Sogeisha Workshop, Kyoto, Japan


"Takuhon" Traditional Stone Rubbing


Brief History of the Art:
Takuhon stone rubbing was invented in China about 1900 years ago. As a printing technique it is older than woodblock printing. Chinese rubbings came to Japan in very early state among the other literal documents of the time. The beginning of taking rubbings in Japan is estimated to have started in the Muromachi period (16th century). Takuhon has been used by scholars and researchers for studying old scriptures and images on e.g. carved monument stones and iron bells.

Brief Description of the Technique:
A piece of moist paper is placed over the surface to be copied. The image is rubbed with ink tampon into the paper from the backside. This produces a negative print image. Takuhon can also be made with white pigment ink on black paper to produce a positive image. Urauchi (backing of the paper) straightens the wrinkles in the work and makes it durable.


"Takuhon" Traditional Stone Rubbing

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    Takuhon is the world of black and white beauty.
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