Pontus Raud

Printmaker, Stockholm, Sweden

Gunnar Nehls

free-lance engraver, Stockholm, Sweden


Moto Engravings


Many artists have been attracted by the clear, concise character of the engraved line, but only a few have taken the leap to learn the difficult technique. Line engraving is rather time-consuming and the risk of “slipping” is not particularly encouraging for a beginner. Consequently, it is not a suitable technique for those seeking quick results, nor for facilitating larger pieces of work since it requires considerable force to cut the deep lines. Therefore, machine-engraving techniques have been used to speed up the process. But a line made by a rotating tool completely lacks the sharpness of one cut steadily with traditional graver steel. However, the Moto engraving technique gives the force and speed that suits a contemporary art world. The demonstration will give you the opportunity to try Moto engraving for yourself.


  • Moto engraving is a machine aided hand engraving
       technique using traditional graver steels  pdf
  • Demonstration
  • Nehls & Raud pictures

    Tool handles, shafts and motors suitable for moto engraving