16 - 19 August 1994
Helsinki Finland
University of Art and Design UIAH


Organising Committee, Advisory Board, Conference Secretariat

Conference Themes

1. Colour - Light - Space - Object
2. The Artist as Colourist and Teacher
3. Colour Theories and Colour Science


Tuesday 16 August
Wednesday 17 August
Thursday 18 August
Friday 19 August, Conference Excursions

Group Meetings


Keynote Address Speaker
Keynote Speakers
Seminar Session Speakers


Keynote Exhibition
Colour in the UIAH
Colour and Light Workshop
Books on Colour Education
The Theatre Academy, Department of Sound and Lighting Design
The Academy of Fine Arts, The Free Art School and The University of Technology's Faculty of Architecture.

Video and Computer Showroom

Social Programme


Conference Proceedings


Conference Fees and Cancellations


Future Conferences at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH


16 - 19 August 1994
Helsinki Finland
University of Art and Design UIAH

Organising Committee

Harald Arnkil
Senior Lecturer, UIAH, Chairman

Tuomas Antikainen
Research Assistant, UIAH

Sakari Marila
Associate Professor, UIAH

Advisory Board

Carolus Enckell
Rector, The Free Art School, Helsinki

Pekka Hepoluhta
Lecturer in Colour Studies, The Free Art School, Helsinki

Esa Kyllöaut;nen
Director, Department of Sound and Lighting Design, Theatre Academy, Tampere

Esa Laaksonen
Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Espoo

Tommi Mäaut;keläaut;
Teacher, Department of Painting, The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Juhani Pallasmaa
Professor, Director, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Espoo

Conference Secretariat

Pirkko Mäaut;ki
Secretary General

Eeva Riitta Vartiainen
Press and Marketing Secretary

Inka Finell
Faculty of General Studies

Esa Häaut;mäaut;läaut;inen
Faculty of General Studies

Conference Themes

The aim of the Conference is to review the current state of colour teaching and its role in art and design education, to examine critically the position of established theories of colour in the visual arts and to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas on teaching colour. The Conference is intended primarily for teachers, students and researchers of colour in degree-level art, design and architecture schools, as well as for designers, artist and professionals with an interest in the multifaceted world of colour.

1. Colour - Light - Space - Object
- colour in design education
- colour in film and theatre design education
- colour education for architects

2. The Artist as Colourist and Teacher
- colour education in fine art
- contemporary art and colour education
- the application of theories and methods as developed by artists, e.g. Itten, Kandinsky, Klee and Albers

3. Colour Theories and Colour Science
- Bauhaus and post-Bauhaus colour theories
- Goethe, Ostwald, Munsell, NCS, etc.
- Concepts of colour harmony
- computers as an aid to colour teaching
- colour science and colour education
The conference language is English.


Tuesday 16 August

Registration and coffee
Welcome Address by Yrjöaut; Sotamaa, Rector, UIAH
Introduction to the themes of the Conference by Harald Arnkil, Chairman of the Conference Organising Committee, Senior Lecturer in Colour Studies, UIAH
Keynote Address
Ellen Marx
'The Three Fundametal Colour Syntheses: Subtractive, Additive, Integration - an experience of meditating colour'
Hans Joachim Albrecht:
'Structuring Colour: Expression and Meaning in Contemporary Painting'
Juhana Blomstedt
'From Black to White - Fragments'
15.00 - 17.00
Seminar Sessions
Opening of Conference Exhibitions at the UIAH
Guided tour of the UIAH
Get-Together Party at INTO gallery
Häaut;meentie 135 A

Wednesday 17 August

Moritz Zwimpfer:
'Development of the Colour Sense - Methods of Colour Instruction for Designers'
Michel Albert-Vanel:
'The Planetary Colour System - Methodology and Applications'
Seminar Sessions
Seminar Sessions
15.30 - 17.00
Seminar Sessions
Evening Cruise
The boat leaves for Conference Dinner at HSS yachting club restaurant from the Market Square, South Harbour.
Conference Dinner at HSS restaurant

Thursday 18 August

Nicholas Fox Weber:
'Josef Albers: Colour and Other Forms of Deception'
Leonhard Lapin:
'Colour as Mental Substance - Colour in the Suprematist Art and Pedagogy of Kasimir Malevich'
Seminar Sessions
Seminar Sessions
Closing Discussion
Visit to the Academy of Fine Arts, Yrjöaut;nkatu 18, The Free Art School and the University of Technology's Faculty of Architecture, Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1. Bus transport from the UIAH.

Friday 19 August

Conference Excursions

Two alternatives are offered. Both excursions will last about six hours and will be made by bus, returning to Hotel Grand Marina. The excursions will be realised, depending on the number of participants. Participation must be confirmed by filling in the appropriate part of the registration form.

Please return the form even if you have already registered.

Excursion A

Guided visit to architectural sites in and around Helsinki

The Empire architecture of the city centre, Tapiola Garden City, modern and medieval churches, Käaut;pyläaut; wooden housing area. Weather permitting, the excursion will end in the wild forest reserve of Vantaa.

Excursion B

Guided visit to the old town of Porvoo (45 km east of Helsinki) and surroundings

Porvoo medieval stone church and other historical and artistic sites in old Porvoo; a visit to the picturesque early 19th century industrial settlement of Ruotsinpyhtäaut;äaut; (Ströaut;mfors) and the old wooden town of Loviisa.

Group Meetings

Members of the AIC International Study Group on Colour Education will meet at the UIAH on Tuesday 16 August at 17.00 (after the seminar sessions). The location of the meeting will be announced in the conference schedule.

Scandinavian Colour teachers of the CIRRUS network schools will hold a meeting during the conference. The time and location of the meeting will be announced in the conference schedule.

Keynote Address Speaker

Ellen Marx, France

Sculptor and painter, colour researcher, author of books and articles on colour. Ellen Marx's publications include 'Les contrastes de la couleur', 1973 'Couleur optique', 1989 and 'Mediter la couleur', 1990. She has exhibited her art in many conferences on colour in France, Germany and elsewhere.

Keynote Speakers

Michel Albert-Vanel, France

Painter, Professor, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Vice-President, Centre Francais de la Couleur, author on colour. Professor Albert-Vanel has taught colour to students of art and design for many years and has developed a unique colour system and educational method which is also used in the French state school system.

Hans Joachim Albrecht, Germany

Sculptor, Professor, Design Department, Fachhochschule Niederrhein, teacher of colour studies, author of books and articles on the art of colour. Professor Albrech's many years of colour teaching experience encompasses both fine and applied art. His knowledge of colour ranges from the theories of the German early romantic painter Philipp Otto Runge to the role of colour in contemporary art.

Juhana Blomstedt, Finland

Painter, Professor, The Academy of Fine Arts, Finland. Blomstedt's artistic career started in 1958 and he has since exhibited in countless shows in Finland and abroad. He lived and worked in Paris during 1966-81. In 1982 Blomstedt represented Finland at the Venice Biennial and he was artist of the year at the Helsinki Festival in 1982.

Nicholas Fox Weber, USA

Executive Director, The Josef Albers Foundation, Orange, Connecticut, USA and Director of the Josef Albers Stiftung, Bottrop, Germany. Mr. Fox Weber has written numerous articles and several books since 1977 on the art of Josef Albers and many other artists. He has curated major art exhibitions and has given numerous lectures during the last fifteen years both in the United States and Europe.

Leonhard Lapin, Estonia

Artist, architect, teacher of pictorial composition at Tallin Art University and Maa Art School, Helsinki, Editor-in-chief of the Estonian architectural review Ehituskunst. Mr. Lapin has been among the front rank of Estonian artists to openly oppose the aesthetic dictates of the former Soviet Union. He is also an authority on the teaching and writings of the Russian constructivist artist Kasimir Malevich.

Moritz Zwimpfer, Switzerland

Designer, Professor of Colour Studies and Graphic Design, Schule Füaut;r Gestaltung Basel, author of books and articles on colour. Professor Zwimpfer is a graphic designer who has taught colour to students of design for many years. His publications on colour include 'Color, Light, Sight, Sense - an elementary theory of color in pictures, 1985.

Seminar Session Speakers

Harald Arnkil

Senior Lecturer, University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Finland
'Sense and Sensibility - The role of Theory and Practice in Colour Training at the UIAH'

Marian Ortolf-Bagley

Professor, University of Minnesota, USA.
'Colour in Design Education: Perceptual Studies and Studio Practice'

Vincent Bedard

Lecturer, University of Montreal, Canada.
'Computer-Aided Teaching of Colour in Industrial Design: Universite de Montreal - A Case Study'

Eckhard Bendin

Lecturer, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
'Colour and Analogy - a Model'

Cynthia Ann Bickley-Green

Lecturer, East Carolina University, USA
'A Matrix for Color Theory Education in Post-Modern Interdisciplinary Curricula'

David Burton

Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
'Stanton MacDonald-Wright and the Synchromist Theory of Colour'

David Buss

Associate Dean, University of Plymouth, U.K.
'The Role of Language in Teaching of Colour'

Shashi Caan

Professor, Pratt Institute, USA
'Color is an Equal Partner: Teaching Architects Color'

Stephen Coonan

Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
'An Appraisal of the Quest to Find a Viable Method of Colour Photography'

Joy H. Dohr

Proffessor, University of Wisconsin, USA
'Color in Design Education: New Approaches Beyond the Bauhaus'

Paul Green-Armytage

Senior Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
'Primary Confusion'

Jan Janssens

Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
'The Impact of Colour Researsh on Practice and Education'

Martti Jäaut;nnes

Graphic Artist, Finland
'A Teaching and Training Method of Chromatics for Design Based on Crystal Clear YMC Transparent Dyes'

Antero Kare

Painter, Finland
'Wittgenstein, Colour Concepts, Teaching'

Depak Kaushal

Lecture, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, U.K.
'Colour and Light Modulators for Hospital Wards - Colour for healing'

William Kohn

Professor, Washington University, St. Louis, USA
'Color/Albers/The Computer'

Garth Lewis

Senior Lecturer, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, U.K.
'Colour Theory for Textile Design Students'

Harold Linton

Professor, Lawrence Technological University, USA
'Colour, Light, Form and Space'

Paul Martin

Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, U.K.
'Color and Light - an Emotional Response for Design Education'

Bryan Maycock

Associate Professor, Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design, Canada
'Visual Studies: Colour on a Shoe String'

Eric Melse

Drs MBA, KPMG Klynveld Management Consultants, The Netherlands
'The Colour Circle of Johannes Itten - 75 Years of Blasphemy in Colour Education'

Galen Minah

Associate Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
'The Role of Color and Spatial Effect in Misreading the City'

Nigel H. Morgan

Theatre Consultant, U.K.
'The Actor, the Text and Light: the Use of Colour When Lighting Drama'

Linda Nelson Johnson

Associate Professor, Arizona State University, USA
'The Interrelation of Color, Computer and Pattern'

Aki Nurosi

Professor, Rhode Island School of Design, USA
'Colour Harmony and Design - From Pure Expression to Practical Communication'

Osvaldo da Pos

Professor, University of Padua, Italy
'The Pleasentness of Bi-Colour Combinations of the Four Unique Hues'

Theodore H.M. Prudon

Associate Professor, Columbia University, USA
'Color of the Past: The Cathedrals Were Never White'

Seppo Rihlama

Colour Consultant, the RA School of Colour, Finland
'Colours and Patterns as Environmental Factors'

Virve Sarapik

Lecturer, Tallin Art University, Estonia
'Rainbow, Colours and Science Mythology'

Barbara Scheffler

Designer, Aachen, Germany
'Coloured Theatre in Interaction with Modern Art'

Wade S. Thompson

Professor, Southwest Missouri State University, USA
'Color, Light and Temperature: A General Studies Component for Preparing Students for Fine Arts Painting'

Andrew M. Tomcik

Professor, York University, Canada
'Design and Color: Expanding the Scope'

William B. Warfel

Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Drama, USA
'Colorimetry in the Teaching of Stage Lighting'

Christopher Willard

Instructor, City University of New York, USA
'Surface Film Colour: Perception and Painting'


Exhibitions related to the themes of the Conference will be on view at the UIAH and elsewhere:

Keynote Exhibition

The exhibition shows works kindly made available by the Keynote Speakers of the Conference. Included are paintings and prints by Michel Albert-Vanel, Hans Joakim Albrecht, Juhana Blomstedt, Ellen Marx and Leonhard Lapin, works by the students of Moritz Zwimpfer and prints by Josef Albers from tha Josef Albers Foundation.

Colour in the UIAH

An exhibition of works from the colour courses of the UIAH and other colour-related works by the University's students.

Colour and Light Workshop

The exhibition will show the results of a workshop, taking place on the week preceding the Conference, on the interrelation of coloured light and surface colour. The participants are students from Konstfack (The National Collage of Art, Craft and Design), Sweden, and the UIAH, Finland. The workshop is headed by Professor Göaut;sta Wessel from Konstfack and lighting designer Juha Westman, Finland.

Books on Colour Education

The UIAH library will display volumes from its collection of books on colour in a special exhibition. Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (The Academic Bookstore, one of the largest in Europe) will also celebrate the Conference with a window display of books on colour on sale in its main shop at Pohjoisesplanadi 39.

The Theatre Academy, Department of Sound and Lighting Design

A lighting installation by students of the department will be on view in the UIAH.

The Academy of Fine Arts, The Free Art School and The University of Technology's Faculty of Architecture.

Special exhibitions relating to the Conference will be on show on the premises of the above institutions:
The Academy of Fine Arts
Yrjöaut;nkatu 18, Helsinki

The Free Art School and Faculty of Architecture
The Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas)
Tallberginkatu 1, Helsinki
There will be a guided visit to the three schools on Thursday 19 August immediately after the closing session. Buses will leave from the UIAH at approximately 16.45 o'clock.

Video and Computer Showroom

During the Conference participants can show videos (VHS PAL preferred) and computer software related to colour teaching in a room reserved for this purpose. They should be received by the Confrence Secretariat by 31 May 1994. If you wish to show tapes or software, please contact the Conference Secretariat.

Social Programme

All Conference participants are cordially welcome to the Get-Together Party held at the INTO gallery, adjacent to the UIAH, on Tuesday 16 August 1994 at 19.30. A cold buffet and refreshments will be served. The price is included in the conference fee.

The Conference Dinner will be served in the restaurant of the HSS yachting club, beautifully located on a small island just off the southern tip of downtown Helsinki on Wednesday 17 August at 20.00. Before dinner there will be a one-hour evening cruise through the Helsinki archipelago. Price FIM 250 / USD 45 including cruise and dinner. The boat leaves from the market square, South Harbour at 19.00. Please see registration form.


Deadline for submission of video tapes and computer programmes: 31 May.
Please note change of date.

Registration deadline: 15 July
Registration for excursions deadline: 15 July

Conference Proceedings

A select edition of the papers presented at the conference will be published towards the end of 1994. Further information about ordering will be available from the Conference Secretariat from 16 August 1994.


Pirkko Mäaut;ki
Secretary General
tel + 358 0 7563 344

Eeva Riitta Vartiainen
Press and Marketing Secretary
tel + 358 0 7563 539


University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
Conference Secretariat
Häaut;meentie 135 C
FIN-00560 Helsinki

Fax + 358 0 7563 537

Harald Arnkil
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of General Studies
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
Häaut;meentie 135C
FIN-00560 Helsinki

tel + 358 0 7563 363
fax + 358 0 7563 223

Conference Fees

Participants FIM 2100 / USD 375
Seminar speakers FIM 1300 / USD 235
First degree students FIM 700 / USD 125
Conference Excursion FIM 250 / USD 45
Conference Dinner FIM 250 / USD 45
Please note that the registration is valid only after you have paid the Conference fee by cheque, made payable to The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, bank (postal account) POSTIPANKKI Ltd, Account no. PSP 800016-13990. Please use reference "1522 / Colour" and write your name clearly. The payment should be made before 15 July 1994. The Conference fee includes the plenary and sessions, conference material, Get-Together Party and coffees during 16 - 18 August.


Cancellations must be made by letter or telefax. The following charges will apply if the cancellation is received by the Secretariat after confirmation:
Cancellation before 31 July 1994: FIM 200 / USD 35
Cancellation after 31 July 1994: 100%

Future Conferences at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

Design - Pleasure or Responsibility?
An International Conference, 21 - 23 June 1994

International Summer Workshop:
The Semantic Interface, 13 - 20 June 1994

5th International Symposium on Electronic Art
20 - 25 August 1994




University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH 16 -19 August 1994

Please confirm your participation by returning this form.

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I will participate as indicated below:
Conference fee                          |_|FIM 2100   USD 375
I will present a paper                  |_|FIM 1300   USD 235
I am a first degree student             |_|FIM  700   USD 125
Conference Dinner on 17 August          |_|FIM  250   USD  45

Total                                   FIM________   USD______

The fees include:
- The Get-Together Party on 16 August
- A Visit to Art and and Architecture
  Schools in Helsinki
- Guided tour of the UIAH

Please send me information on future conferences |_|



Please choose either excursion A or B. 
Conference Excursion A                  |_|FIM 250   USD 45
Architectural sites in and
around Helsinki.
Friday 19 August 10.00 - 16.00
Conference Excursion B                  |_|FIM 250   USD 45
Porvoo, Loviisa and environs.
Friday 19 August 10.00 - 16.00
I have already paid the excursion fee |_|

Excursions A and B will take place at the same time.
In the event of too few participants in either group the
excursion in question will be cancelled and registered
participants will be offered a place in the remaining
excursion. The deadline for registrations is 15 July 1994.
Please note that the registration is valid only after 
payment of the registration fee.


Mail your registration form to:

Ms. Pirkko Mäaut;ki
Secretary General, Conference Secretariat
University of Design Helsinki UIAH
Häaut;meentie 135 C
FIN-00560 Helsinki


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9th June 1994, Joel Ortila