Diploma work 31.3.1994

Logo is intented to be the first and foremost depiction of a company to the outside world and is its most effective advertising expendiet.

China has entered an era of dynamic growth and it has been my aim in my diploma work to design a dood number of logos that may be useful to the need of myriads of enterprises just coming up. It is a selection of 40 from 120 logos that I have designed since July 1993.

In the designing of logos, the client's - industries, commerce and services - history of the company's, as well as competitors's images of past, present and future were carefully considered. If the logo were to cover international operations, care has to be taken as to not to cause any damage to the outsider's sentiments. Logos for the local market considered favourite themes based upon mythology, and local sentiments formed out of aesthetic and traditional arts philosophy.

The three basic logo types are 1. Picturematic, 2. Letter, 3. Logotypes. Permutations and conbinations of colours and graphics of related perceptions were superimposed along with the use of calligraphy to optimally attain a logo with a maximized impact potential.

KEYWORDS: Logo, Chinesse, Company, CI