BUSINESS WOMEN'S WEAR; Defining Molloy, A Case-study of Young Finnish Women with Academic Business Degree

Diploma work 19. 3. 1993

In my thesis, I studied business women's dressing in the Western culture in 20th century. My thesis is divided into four parts. It begins with a review of the history of women's emancipation and their dressing for work and how it has changed in so called men's business world.

In the second part I give an account of the interviews I did in May 1992 and the conclusions I made regarding four hypotheses. Interviewees were young (25 - 33 years) with academic degree in business, living and working in the capital area of Finland. I asked about their attitudes towards working, dressing for work, needs and buying habits. They form the frame for a designer in his/her work.

In part three I present the co-operative company - Oy Stockmann Ab. I interviewed the buyer and the sales personel at the boutique departement about business women's buying habits and what Stockmann offers them and what are the problems, if any. In autumn 1992 I organized a fashion show in the boutique departement promoting business wear. A video of the show is included into my thesis.

In part four are final conclusions. My thesis concentrates on theory. It does not include any designed products.

MATERIALS: thesis and videotape
KEY SUBJECT TERMS: business wear, dress, John T. Molloy
PLACE OF KEEPING: UIAH library, Departement of Clothing and Fashion Design