Pvm: 1999

Osasto: Teollisen muotoilun osasto

Koulutusohjelma: Teollinen muotoilu

Tekijä: Vikström NGA

Työn nimi: Corporate identity in family business


Questions concerning corporate identity have become increasingly important. In case of such companies where design products are being developed, produced and marketed in competitive environments, ownership is an issue that has a great impact on the management and the operations of companies. However, ownership is also a very important issue identity- wise.

This report consists of two main parts; a theoretical part and an empirical part. First the reader is introduced to various descriptions of corporate culture, identity, image, values and branding. The purpose of which 18 to clarify the difference between these notions in order to comprehensively explain the relations and purpose of these elements later in the work.

Third chapter of the thesis introduces specific questions of family business to the reader. The aim of the third chapter is to clarify the complexity and uniqueness of a family business in relation to public owned and professionally managed companies.

The fourth chapter of the thesis describes the empirical study. It introduces the case of the family company Isku Oy, a Finnish furniture manufacturer and retailer, and describes the results of the surveys conducted.

During the 1960's and early seventies the furniture industry played an internationally important role in creating the image of Finnish design. There is researching interest in such matters this time concerning the EU. The purpose of this thesis is to discuss the notion corporate identity in relation to family business. The goal of this thesis is to find out what kind of value the family could bring in the company and what kind of asset the business has of the fact that it is a family company. In order to help family companies step apart from their competitors with such core competencies which are difficult to others to imitate, further research would be the way to bring in tools and suggestions to study closer the uniqueness of each company.