Pvm: 1999

Osasto: Medialaboratorio

Tekijä: Rossow Marko

Työn nimi: Media on the move


"Media on the move" is a thesis concerned with the evolution of media products over the next twenty years. The main focus.

In a world of "being digital" we are currently facing the problem of compatibility and connectivity. Once this has been .

Furthermore, the mobility of products concerned with communication is investigated in this paper. It is my aim to identif.

I am applying a user centric approach, as it is my aim to enable the user to do/create/partake in the media environment.

The final deliverable of this thesis, which is part of the future media. How project, will be available , in

Both, digital and analogue format. There is also a web-page with further information: http://fmh.uiah.fi/team/marko