Pvm: 1999

Osasto: Teollisen muotoilun osasto

Tekijä: Hytönen Jaana Hannele

Työn nimi: Corporate image in industrial business. What is the role of corporate image created by design management in global industrial business


This study is one of two studies. Their overall objective is the concept of design management. A wider view to the subject was achieved by co-operative process between these complementary studies. As they have two viewpoints of economist and industrial designer, they also observe the subject from the managerial, and from the customer's perspective. Design management has its basis in consumer markets. The concept of design management is now considered in the context of industrial business.

This empirical research does not change the existing perceptions of the dynamics in the industrial purchasing process. However, it shows that the corporate image can be managed by a similar approach as the industrial companies, for example, manage their customer relationships. The previous research on industrial business has proven, that the supplier's corporate image has an effect on its customer relationships, thus the actual affects has not been examined this widely. Therefore the practical benefits of the corporate image have not reach the full potential in industrial business. The study showed various roles for the corporate image in the industrial purchasing process. In addition to its objective to make the company credible and reliable, the corporate image can also be an object of exchange.

The previous literature and research on design management has chiefly examined design management as a management tool. How the corporate image is created inside the company, has been in focus, not its total affects in its target groups. This study shifts the company oriented approach to a customer oriented approach. The interests and expectations of these two groups are not always identical, and that is noteworthy, e.g. in communications design. The corporate image has been traditionally examined as one entity, however that may not always give the full truth. The general corporate image is not responsive enough for the specific needs of each influencing group of the customer. In addition, if the supplier does not know how and by what elements its corporate image is formed, it is quite difficult to target the investments and corrective measures effectively. Compared to the previous research, the study gives information on how the image is created in the different phases of the purchasing process.



Ainesto: Kirja

Asiasanat: design management, corporate image, industrial business, purchasing process