Pvm: 1998

Osasto: Teollisen muotoilun osasto

Koulutusohjelma: Teollinen muotoilu

Tekijä: Chang, Ching-Hsu

Työn nimi: Embodying expressive consumer values into the product design process


Consumers buy products not only for fulfilling their physiological needs, but also psychological and sociological wants. In this research investigation, those latter aspects of consumer wants are termed expressive consumer values. The object of this research is to explore how to incorporate particular consumer expressive values into the design process. By constructing a typology from a sociologically oriented marketing perspective, four types of expressive consumer values are outlined. A study which included ten interviews was then executed on the basis of this typology for the purpose of translating each type of consumer expressive value into o physical product contexture, that is, colours, forms and usage's. Finally, two design applications were undertaken, according to the principles of hedonic consumption behaviour in order to illustrate how specific expressive values are considered and embodied in tangible product forms.



Aineisto: Lopputyöraportti

Asiasanat: consumer expressive value, preference, hedonic, design process