Department: Industrial and Strategic Design
Degree programme: Master of Arts
Author: Tuomas Tuokko
Title: Virtual Method - Using the Internet in User-Centered Design
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 103


In the field of mobile communication and mobile precision locationing devices the competition is fierce and the development of technology is fast. To be successful companies must be able to effectively develop products that meet the customer needs.

The fundamental decisions that determine the success of a product are made in the early stages of the product development. It is the phase where customer needs and the situation in the market must be properly understood in order to create a superior product concept with defined technical specifications. In the early stages of product development getting valuable information on the customer needs is essential.

The Internet gives new possibilities for getting customer input into product development. Web's globality, interactivity, and fast input of data improve collecting information on customer needs while online communities can act as a source of innovation.

In this diploma work the use of the Internet in user-centered concept design is studied by conducting an experimental concept research in the Internet. The interactive research aims at getting rich information on customer needs for mobile communication devices with precision locationing technology by using scenarios, concepts, user design methods, and questions.

Materials: Book
Keywords: user-centered design, customer research, concept design, internet, mobile communication, brand
Where deposited: UIAH Library, Department of Industrial and Strategic Design
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