Department: School of Design
Degree programme: MA Industrial and Strategic Design
Author: Duncan Lamb
Title: Visual Story Telling: The role of scenarios in experience design and concept evaluation with end-users
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 109


This thesis explores visual story telling as an experience design tool. The main focus is on the role of
visual story telling in including end users in the evaluation of product concepts.
In the context of this thesis, visual story telling refers to design scenarios communicated with visual
media. The thesis explores various types of scenarios, their use and some of the methods for their
With the help of a case study design project, the use of scenarios in facilitating interaction between a
design team and the identified end-users of a product is investigated, specifically for the purpose of
gathering their feedback about the product concepts depicted in the scenarios.

Materials: CD-ROM containing Director movies
Keywords: Experience design, visual story telling, user scenario, usage scenario, user-centred design, end-user, concept evaluation, design decision making.
Where deposited: University of Art Design library
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