Department: Department of Product and Strategic Design
Degree programme: Master of Arts
Author: Di Tao
Title: Life Touch- Inspiration, Research, and Concept Design
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 77


In this thesis, I explored a type of inspirational concept design to promote concept development. This exploration was pursued in a project supported by Nokia and called Life Touch. The project aim was to design mobile communication products and services for advanced consumers in China as well as the global market.

With the emphasis of seeking inspirations for design, a framework of concept design was built up and applied in Life Touch. It included several research approaches and materials as well as a design process planned for the project. The project started from the study of advanced consumers and related background to inspire ideas, then some of the inspirations were developed into design concepts. Through further research and design that followed, more ideas were stimulated which also essentially advanced the developed concepts.

The results, a set of mobile phone and service concepts ranging form flexible utilities to tactile communication, offered a variety of opportunities and interests for future development. They also reflected the value of inspirational concept design.

Besides the design concepts, several approaches were also explored and identified during the Life Touch project, such as exploring existing ideas and applying accumulated knowledge. To use them effectively, the approaches should be selected and developed according to individual and project situations. The research work in Life Touch provided a fundamental resource for the developed concepts. Designers, with their professional knowledge and skills, should also play a more active role in research practice to inspire more ideas and keep their design on the right track for users.

Materials: Hard copy
Keywords: inspiration, concept design, research, advanced consumers, participants, inspirational approaches, design framework, mobile communication
Where deposited: Department of Product and Strategic Design
Confidential until: 31/12/2003