Department: Design
Degree programme: Industrial Design
Author: Susanna Auno
Title: Exercise and Weight Management - A Concept Design Project
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 78


This master thesis presents a user centered concept design project done for the company Polar Electro Oy. Aim of the project was to develop a concept for a new user segment as well as produce data of the users for the product development of the company. New ways of interaction between user and device was to be developed within the project.

Concept was targeted to the user with overweight / obesity. These people were interested in exercise and moderately to extremely motivated towards weight management. Product will adapt to the motivation level of the user.

Concept was built on the data of the users derived from a user research that was done before and during the concept design phase. The subject were a heterogenous group of four individuals. Methods of research were collecting stories from the user group, imaginary product use and keeping diary and self photography. Also an interview took place with presentation of the preliminary cartoon scenarios.

Concept design process lead to a design consisting of two parts. A devise that one would carry along all the time and a computer program. Virtual instructors and diaries will help a person to plan and carry out a personalized program that's targeted to change the old patterns to achieve a new way of life with balanced diet and habit of exercise.

Keywords: User centered concept design, weight management, exercise, overweight
Where deposited: Library of UIAH
Confidential until: 01 / 2003