Osasto: Department of Product and Strategic Design
Koulutusohjelma: Industrial Design Faculty
Tekijä: Kuha, Miika
Työn nimi: Drivers, paths, tasks - 3d building blocks of knowledge work?
Työn laji: Lopputyö
Sivumäärä: 60


This work explores the field of interaction, user interfaces and knowledge work in order to find a new more powerful user interface concept approach. Three dimensional presentation, human perception and -cognition are looked at to get background information as basis for the new concept. Examples from existing implementations are collected to widen the view to the subject. Building blocks from city planning are borrowed when composing hypothesis for knowledge workers' tasks support. A qualitative test for knowledge workers is carried out to test the hypothesis and to understand what is important for knowledge workers. Results from the study pave the way for a demo of drivers, paths and tasks based user interface.

Aineisto: Study report and interaction demo in HTML format on CD. Printout of the HTML for quick reference.
Asiasanat: UI, 2d, 3d, perception, information visualization, knowledge work, level of details, building blocks
Säilytyspaikka: Library of University of Industrial Arts and Design Helsinki
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