Department: Product and Strategic Design
Degree programme: Master of Arts
Author: Chao-Hsien Kuo
Title: Ladies collection of unique rings
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 69


The field of this diploma work is jewelry, and this work focuses specially on a collection of unique rings. Moreover, in order to prepare the collection ready for its market place, its packaging is also concerned in the final phase of this work.

First of all, the title of the work is Ladies, which implies that there is a lady within each woman. By choosing this subject I want to experiment with a new approach in creating jewelry. The creation process starts with my perception of different types of women through their ornaments and then includes my own experiences with them. Therefore, the scope of themes gradually expanded to give a wider perspective on this collection. During the process much effort is devoted to visualize the female form, solving the manufacturing problems, and to realize the concept as unique and wearable jewelry. As a result, a collection of free-standing sculptural rings with individual characters is produced.

Then I continue to design the packaging for the Ladies collection in the attempt to give a closure to this work. I believe a good presentation of the jewelry can be an asset to both the collection and the artist. During the process I apply my own experience in the field of jewelry and intend to find a solution for an individual artist. As a result, this diploma work concludes with a collection of unique rings as the major part, and is accompanies by the ring package, promotional card and CD-ROM as ready products.

Materials: 925 silver, pearls, enamel, 585 and 750 gold, garnet, rutile quartz
Keywords: jewelry, unique, lady
Where deposited: TMO, UIAH library
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