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Koulutusohjelma: Crafts Design
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Työn nimi: Developing and Marketing Arts and Crafts in Namibian Framework
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The artists and craftsmen from developing countries can work in different circumstances and situations but they lack resources and face difficulties in utilising the resources which are available for them. Theory and practice are still far apart. Marketing possibilities and potential of crafts business area are many times disregarded and unstudied. Still art and crafts sector can be important trade for people living in peripheral areas. I have special interest in position of female artists and craftsmen in Namibia as I can position myself as female researcher of the topic. Despite the burden of subsistence level economy in the rural areas and the considerable share of work which falls to women, it is the women who have preserved and continued most strongly the ancient traditions of their crafts. Most of the crafts done by women are practised throughout the community, mother passing her skill to the daughter. The study aims to give an idea what kind of crafts products are being produced at the moment in Namibia and what kind of production and marketing models are being used in terms of crafts tourism. There is also some information about the traditional crafts products as some of them still form large part of the crafts production. Goal of the research on marketing is to find some key elements or concepts that could help in finding the niche area of Namibian arts and crafts. The most important method of the study has been interviews of craftsmen, specialists working in educational, NGO and GO sector as well as in donor organisations. Interviews have been half structured around themes concerning study subject. SWOT-analysis of crafts trade. The Problem tree and Diagram of objectives for Namibian arts and crafts models are methods that Foreign Ministry are using when the evaluate the situation in project countries. Niche area of Namibian crafts would offer also potential for further development and research. Especially service based crafts products could be more linked with tourism area. Possibilities in niche areas could be in service based crafts production where customers' needs are taken into consideration and products are made according to these needs. Making use of local resources and special crafts techniques like wood carving and basket weaving in innovative way for modern tourism market. Still the weak infrastructure of crafts is causing some trouble in developing these niche markets: absence of capital, lack of materials, lack of research of tourists needs, lack of production skills and knowledge in marketing.

Asiasanat: arts and crafts, development, niche, tourism
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