Osasto: TMO / KÄTA
Koulutusohjelma: MA
Tekijä: Kohtala Cindy
Työn nimi: Hunters+Collectors: The Role of the Discard in Craft and Creativity
Työn laji: Lopputyö

The title 'Hunters + Collectors' refers to both a practical craft-based exploration of using discards in furniture-making and to the theory and analysis behind the practice. 'Hunters and collectors' are not only the craftspeople who scour skips and flea markets for their raw materials, but nomad hunting societies who make their tools from materials ready-to-hand, collectors who use their tactile sense in their collecting hobbies, and those who 'bricoler' their own home style or expression from various sources, especially flea markets and second-hand shops. The furniture collection is subtitled 'Furniture for Now', where 'Now' represents many levels: the position of the object/material now, with a past history(ies) and a present reincarnation, and with an unknown future that will optimistically bring increasing efforts in design-for-disassembly, design-for-reuse and -in-reuse, sustainable materials and means of production. Now also refers to the adhoc sensibility involved in this kind of creating, an in-process aesthetic; the challenges involved in the assemblage and 'sampling' from a variety of resources; and most importantly entails the role of bricolage in validating cheap/everyday/throwaway materials in design. As a design working method, bricolage is regarded as marginal, operating in a 'masculine' mainstream environment marked by engineer-like linear reasoning, categories and hierarchies, and an unlimited set of tools and materials. Bricolage, invention based on a lack of resources, is based more on experimentation, a shifting and relative logic, and an absence of rules or categories. It is analogical to (for example) the feminine way of cooking from leftovers, and can be therefore termed Female as well as Adhoc.

Aineisto: Recycled and reused materials
Asiasanat: craft, recycling, bricolage, DIY, adhoc, creativity, junk, sampling, thrift
Säilytyspaikka: University library, UIAH
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