BLYT, Christian F.


Lopputyö 24. 9. 1993

Wave wood is a research based thesis exploring a new industrial process of manufacturing undulating plywood.

The methodology was a very important factor which set down guidelines for the whole project. Because of size the works were seperated into three major sections the first two being developing and constructing the actual material and the press that laminated multi-layers of wood veneer into it's undulating configuration. During this section many forms of appling pressure were tried they included sprung metal, pnuematics and hydrolics each of which made the final solution possible.

The second part involved experimenting with the material that I had created from different glueup patterns to cutting it on various angles or directions to find all it's different attributes.

Designing three different pieces presented the materials inherint properties in various ways reinfirming Wave Wood as a multifunctional sheet product.

MATERIALS: exhibition
KEY SUBJECT TERMS: hydrolics, methodology, plywood, pnuematics, plywood, undulating