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Koulutusohjelma: TaiK
Tekijä: Saarinen, Hanna Katariina
Työn nimi: Kiinteämpänä uuteen päivään, Firmer to a new day
Työn laji: Lopputyö
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My final thesis is a story of a girl's attempt to be psychologically independent in a super commercial society. My aim was to make an honest expedition to the reality I live in, spiced with humour. As material and inspiration I've used women^Òs magazines and commercials with their funny suggestions what I should want for myself and how I should try to change myself. My work is about different observations of women's magazines as well as my own experiences. I've chosen naiveté as a strategy for my work, because with it I can approach any subject, regardless whether I understand it.

The artistic part of my work was exhibited in Gallery Ulaani in the autumn of 2003 and it consisted of eight different series of graphic. In the written part, however, I don't deal with the different stages of the artistic process, because I saw the exhibition as a chance to have fun and to present ideas with the help of pictures. So in my story the thoughts were moving ahead of the pictures all the time. In addition, my story is entertaining on purpose and if not totally,at least tolerable I hope.I see my theme as concerning men and women, but since I was familiar with the material in women's magazines and life as a woman in general, I decided to focus on these. Thus the question of manhood was overlooked for practical reasons.

In the first part of the written section I've debated the models for living offered by magazines and commercials from the point of view of the mind: the correcting attitude of women's magazines, control, the lack or the pursuit of it. Even if the words and pictures are not in full accordance, the most obvious connection to my graphic is the series "Highlights of a woman's life". According to the Anna magazine from 2003 these are The Happiness of motherhood, Here we come working life, A Satisfied hostess, Driving licence broadens, Shopping lightens your feeling and In Topcondition the feeling is firm.

The second part, Firmer to a new day, is about flesh and living with it. Of my graphic proofs the closest connection is to the biggest series called Wrong asses and facial pictures made of make up commercials called Perfect skin as goal. However, I don't regard mind and body as separate, but rather the other way round. I tell about the subject with the proof I feel, therefore I am. The third part, Money doesn't make you happy but things do, concentrates on the beauty and horror of collecting stuff, but it tries to avoid the traps of moralizing. In this part I ponder among other things how in this materialized time we distinguish ourselves by the status of things, and how a girl is, in her need to be lovely, the advertiser^Òs best friend.

In the fourth part, I've tried to study different phenomena connected to the beginning of the 21st century, as well as the current view of media education and its possibilities. Even though I find a feminist in myself from time to time, I don't think it^Òs essential in this work. With this thesis I wanted to declare everyones right to do and see for themselves, as well as the right for free room and dividing paths, regardless of sex.

Asiasanat: Corporality, consumption, women^Òs magazine, advertising, media, madness, graphics, happiness.
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