OSASTO: Tekstiilitaiteen ja vaatetussuunnittelun osasto
LAITOS: Vaatetussuunnittelun ja pukutaiteen koulutusohjelma
TEKIJÄ: Hartikainen, Marjo
TYÖN NIMI: Designer's guide- A view on the Fashion Trends
TYÖN LAJI: Lopputyö

My final project for the University of Art and Design in Helsinki includes three parts.

1) In the first part I attempt to clarify what a "trend"actually is: I discuss the etymology and meaning of the term and give a-historical overview on trends. I also present a "method" for trend forecasting and finding out the newest currents.

2) A stage period at Consept Paris, Parisian trend forecasting and market consulting firm. The training helped me to understand the way how forecasters work in reality. During the three month period in the spring 1995 I was involved with Consepts Paris' leisure wear forecast for winter 96/97. I made the photo collages and fashion illustrations of the forecast book as well as participated in collecting the garment ideas.

3) Designer's Guide is a forecast of female identity trends for spring 1997. The four identities are presented as a trend book, slideseries and a multimedia program. The identities visualise four women with different archetypes. They show a designer by view on how the target groups will look like in the spring 1997. The moodboards of the Designer's Guide I made with Photoshop 3 program. The multimedia was created with Authorware's multimedia program.

AINEISTO: Consepts Paris Leisure wear forecast, Designer's Guide - forecast book, Designer's Guide Trendmedia (multimedia) Research and documentation book
ASIASANAT: Trend, Trend forecasting, Female Archetypes
SÄILYTYS: Research and documentation book in UIAH library, Research and documentation book, Designer's Guide forecast book and multimedia at the department of Fashion design, UIAH