Pvm: 1997

Osasto: Sho

Koulutusohjelma: Sisustusarkkitehtuurin ja huonekalusuunnittelun osasto

Tekijä: Larsen Lars

Työn nimi: Multiplex cinema in Tennispalatsi

The movie as media is the art form of the 20th centrury. The media has steadily, since the introduction in 1895, become the industry of the movies. lt involes everything from the creative vision to the actual projection of the movie. lt is a million dollar industry involving hundreds of thousands of people. The art form of the century has become one of the biggest entertainment industries of the century

The cinema is the showcase of all the efforts but into the movie - in these days together with the television and the home video. The world of the movies is one of glamour and action.

As part of the diploma work I outline the history of the cinema, especially as it relates to the interior atmosphere of the theaters. What elements did historic cinema theater interior contain to create entertainment spaces?

The history shows that the cinema theater interior at one point becomes a neglected element of the attraction on the cinema theaters.

Cinema theater development today is very technology driven, I give a short introduction to todays technical standards.The entertainment market of today is constantly developing and the quality is improving. Monofunctional entertainment centers are the centers of yesterday. Today, a synergy of different functions is needed to attract visitors.

The interior quality is also an important attractors for entertainment locations. Theming is an important element of con- temporary entertainment centers.