Pvm: 1997

Osasto: Sisustusarkkitehtuurin ja huonekalusuunnittelun osasto

Tekijä: Dutala Edina

Työn nimi: Design Museum

Three main aspeets were considered to frame the context for this project: the city of Helsinki and its new position within an international context, the potential new role of museums within an urban setting and design as a central feature of culture and everyday life. Analysis of these aspects defined the aim of the project: to situate a Design Museum within the context of the city center.

Several possible sites were investigated, and Makkaratalo was selected for its location. lts architectural significance and the availability of space. The development of Makkaratalo as the proposed site begins on a larger scale, with an analysis of the city block in which it is located.

The project then narrows in focus to the allocation of spaces within Makkaratalo, identifying three layers that are used to define and integrate different elements within the context: the mart zone, as a link between the urban context and the cultural context of the Makkaratalo's programs; the 'ln-between' deck, transforming a parking deck into an open-air exhibition space and a link between the mart zone and the more specifically defined, design-oriented programs of the building, and the suspended components, which actually house these more specific programs. The Design Museum is then developed in more detail as the main component within the complex, coordinating the various elements and defining program directives.

The project concludes with a discussion of the ways in which these different layers and their respective components exist in symbiosis, while contributing to a comman objective. Design Museum - as one component within the larger complex of Makkaratalo (and by extension the urban fabric of the city) - is proposed as the defining component, although it remains as one layer integrated within the whole.


Aineisto: Kirja

Asiasanat: Design Museum, rakennusten uudelleenkäyttö