Department: Furniture and Spatial Design
Degree programme: Spatial Interventions
Author: Claudia Mayela Villa
Title: (Re) Thinking the existent: Renovation project of the Kaivopiha area in Helsinki city centre
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 60


-Crossed daily by 48,000 people as a connection route in downtown. Used by nearly 30,000 per week as a place for work, leisure or shopping. Having a valuable presence in the minds, memories and daily lives of many Helsinki citizens.

In the core of emergent projects in the city, the area is facing depletion in meaning
Surrounded by historical buildings that stand nowadays as a sort of manifest of a space piled up without any order A space that has emerged from a juxtaposition of successive needs Containing spaces rich in potential but poorly defined.

Kaivopiha is a strong and living body, but in need of a new skin.

A principal aim for the project is to redefine this ailing place of the city by exploring spots of opportunity which arose from the actual situation of the area without disturbing the flow of pedestrians. This means, redefining the body not through its stable structure but from the changing and flexible situations that a mix of uses, schedules and flows would bring.Instead of adopting a conventional glazed roof for the place, two new facades for the Citytalo and Uusi Ylionpistontalo are thus proposed with the purpose of giving a new shape to the interior and the public. This is realized through a series of cantilevers that embrace the space, sometimes keeping the order, sometimes floating and being challenging disrespectful of what already exists.

The result is a new rhythm of bodies finding vivid coherence.

Materials: Printed book + scale model 1:100
Keywords: Architecture -Interior Design- Urbanism - User Centred Design
Where deposited: November 2004
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