Osasto: TKS
Koulutusohjelma: Kalustesuunnittelun ko.
Tekijä: Ek Joerund
Työn nimi: LOOP-chair
Työn laji: Lopputyö

LOOP-chair I wanted to make a normal chair with four legs. The idea that combines plastic and wood has the potential for a reasonable priced chair and communicates my concept. It^Òs ambitious to talk about public taste, but I wanted to make the chair simple enough to be repeated in public spaces as well as homes. The design process included modifications due to aesthetics, production technology aspects and ergonomics. Loop is a chair with simple lines and a personal character that meet the requirements in the category: Stackability, armrests, upholstery and row-connection. Seat: Formpressed birch. Legs: Solid birch. Supporting structure, armrests and row-connection: Plastic.

Aineisto: Tuoli, kirjallinen
Asiasanat: chair,
Säilytyspaikka: TKS, kirjasto
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