Pvm: 30.06.1998

Osasto: Muoti -ja tekstiilitaiteen osasto

Tekijä: Yianaus Paniaras

Työn nimi: Design of virtual identities and behaviour in cyber communities


With the increasing exposure of people to the medium of avatar based virtual communities I feel it might be the right time to become more critical towards this subject and more radical in our thoughts about virtual identities and their manifestations; the avatars. The various technical and artistic challenges in this field - a result of an evolving technology - have not yet been successfully addressed, yet the public awareness and the public interest in this medium have been increasing.

The technologies of social saturation have caused the emergence of the displaced self affecting among other things our viewpoint of what is identity. Avatars, representations of users in virtual communities and the social and cultural phenomena they generate indicate that the first waves of avatar populations are increasingly penetrating the barrier that divides the physical from the virtual status and they are successfully establishing virtual societies where they live in. Yet what is the future for this new identity status quo? How can we prevent the separation of the physical from virtual so that the replaced self is still routed in the individual of the real world? Are avatars a temporary fad destined to be consumed from the public curiosity or are they representing a real revolution in how humans will establish agony in cyberspace

Aineisto: Written material , digital slides, digital content

Asiasanat: online, virtual communities, avatars, virtual identities