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Tekijä: Grönman, Heidi
Työn nimi: silence before flow - trend prediction as a shared ground for a collaborative design process
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The general theme of the master of arts diploma work to the department of Fashion and Textile Design is creativity in the information society. More practical theme of the work is the elaboration and usage of trend prediction as a supporting element in creative design projects. However, the trend prediction should not be understood as a plain fashion forecast but instead as a platform for knowledge creation. In this work, the trend prediction concentrates on expressing consumer behavior with the assumption that major part of consumers are working with knowledge-based creativity.
The work is based mostly on the thesis "Corporate knowledge: Theory and Practice of Intelligent Organizations" (1999) and on the paper "Internet, Innovation, and Open Source: Actors in the Network" (2000) by researcher Ilkka Tuomi. In addition, reports of Institute for Prospective Technological Studies and contemporary diagnostic texts from sociologist Scott Lash are used.
The first part of the diploma work consists of constructivistic approach, which concentrates on activity and translation processes as well as on development of the membership in the collaborative design project that is seen as a networked community of practice.
The second part consists of theory-based trend prediction with its background text. The text in this part concentrates on informationalization, knowledge-based creativity as a profession, its consequences to the (consumer) behavior and on (technological) ambient intelligence.
The work places special emphasis in showing that department of Fashion and Textile Design in the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, has a unique kind of facilities for producing trend predictions that can be adopted as a background for design projects and as such the trend prediction can also be used as a communicative tool by the designers participating in the collaborative design project.

Asiasanat: trend prediction, open source model, information society, collaborative design project, knowledge creation, community of practice, actor-network-theory
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