Department: Media Lab
Degree programme: MA in New Media
Author: Riikka Puustinen
Title: Bank in a pocket - Approaches to design problems of a mobile banking service
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 103


Electronic banking services have gained a firm status in the Finnish society. New banking channels are introduced, as the technology blends into the every day life. Internet can be accessed with the new mobile phones, which provide a rich interface, if compared with the previous mobile Internet technologies. Banks are interested in developing new services for the mobile use, since they find the mobile Internet as a new potential banking channel for managing every day finances.

The design of a mobile banking service is a challenging task for the user interface designer, since there is something old and something new in the situation. There is an understanding of the web design and browsing in general, but the mobile phone as a browsing tool differs radically from the desktop terminals. The design challenge of a mobile banking service is not entirely on the device: there are various parties contributing to the production process in specific ways.

This thesis is an attempt to recognize different parties, who contribute to the design process of a mobile banking service. These contributions are discussed from the designer's point of view. The design constraints and the roles of a client, user, designer, employer, device and legislator are examined with the help of Lawson's model of the design problems.

This thesis describes the space that is available for the designer in a specific design assignment of the mobile banking service. Instead of providing solutions to specific design problems, this thesis attempts to increase awareness of the significant factors that formulate the design.

Materials: Written thesis
Keywords: User Interface, mobile phone, mobile Internet, design problem, design process, design framework, use context, electronic banking, user, usability
Where deposited: Media Lab library
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