Department: Media Lab
Degree programme: MA in New Media
Author: Jussi Pasanen
Title: Gaining control of events in situated training simulation - Re-engineering Piste journalist simulator software
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 75


Piste journalist simulator provides practical experience of journalist's daily work to a group of school children in a computer-guided physical-digital environment. Piste is aimed at comprehensive school students from 7th to 9th grade. The simulation takes place in a dedicated space where students spend almost two hours among detailed stage set, interactive scripted characters and compelling personal tasks.

This report documents key aspects of Piste journalist simulator software redesign project. The primary questions are
- How to build a distributed software system that can react consistently to events generated by multiple users in different locations within a physical environment?
- How to connect these events to reactions so that a logical storyline can be conveyed using pre-recorded audiovisual material?

Using a concrete project as an example this report attempts to demystify software design and describe the process in common terms. It shows how user needs are researched and articulated as high-level goals of the solution. These goals are then converted into distinct design tasks. At last it is shown how these design tasks relate to parts of the final technical implementation.

As journalist simulator is a relatively recent phenomenom the report first attempts to define and position it within a larger context. Then, starting from discovering user needs, the design task is defined. The design and implementation of major parts of the software solution are presented. Finally, the product is evaluated against the requirements set in the beginning of the project.

Materials: Written thesis
Keywords: software design, event system, journalist simulator, hybrid physical-digital environment, interactive narrative
Where deposited: Media Lab library
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