Department: Media Lab
Degree programme: MA in New Media
Author: Markus Norrena
Title: The Serendipity of Colliding Multimedia
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 110


This is a study into questions in connection to generative artworks and narrative. I am searching for dramaturgically consistent ways of creating generative works by asking questions on their nature and aesthetics. In order to do this I at the same time need to compile a compact and easily accessible collection of relevant theories. I take a look at the nature of chance: What it is and what sort of role it can have in our lives and in our art and entertainment. I will raise aesthetic questions as to whether computer generated art is art or not. Finally I will take a look at the dramaturgic potential of generative art. My approach is philosophical, while intended to contribute to deeper understanding in practice.

Materials: Written thesis
Keywords: chance, aesthetics, generative art, computational drama and narrative
Where deposited: Media Lab library
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