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Tekijä: Kauppila, Tutta
Työn nimi: SEARCHING FOR DESIGN METHODS. An Excursion to Design Methods and Analysis of the Change Process in EMO Organization
Työn laji: Lopputyö
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This final thesis called "Searching for Design Methods" is an excursion to the broad field of user-centred design methods and teamwork practices and an attempt to improve the present design process of EAS applications. The final thesis reports the results of a participatory action research where the purpose has been to study the change process of the work practices of a design team. My position in this process has been to explore, select and introduce new possible design methods, communication and collaborative tools for the team and to initiate and steer the change process together with the System Manager.

The final thesis aims at answering the main research question: "How to improve the present design process?". The research question has been divided into several items such as: the analysis of the present design process, evaluation of suitable design methodologies, analysis on how to integrate the users in the design process, analysis on evaluation criteria and evaluation of the ways to improve the collaboration and communication practices inside the design team.

The outcome of the process is a changed design process, the documentation and analysis. The experience of the action research is drawn into a set of design guidelines and a model of user-centred design process.

Aineisto: Kirjallinen lopputyö
Asiasanat: User-centred design, design methods, design process, change process, collaboration and communication practices, teamwork, Participatory Design, Action research
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