Osasto: Medialaboratorio
Koulutusohjelma: Uusi media -koulutusohjelma
Tekijä: Lönnqvist Cilla
Työn nimi: Tracing Mobile Concepts
Työn laji: Lopputyö

This study deals with the creation of mobile concepts. It is based on documented experiences and gathered material about the conception of mobile products and services. A few case studies form the essence, in which I have pointed at similarities and differences. I trace the mobile concepts to their making and drawn conclusions about their origin. The findings result in a proposed division into design orientations. The orientations are content, technology, needs and the idea of being mobile. The essay indicates rise and the importance of concept design as a design domain. It also recognizes different contexts and influencing factors that guide the design decisions and processes.

Aineisto: Empirical study reporting on conept design projects within the mobile field
Asiasanat: Mobility, Mobile devices, Mobile concept, Concept Design, User, Mobile communication, Interactivity
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