Osasto: Medialaboratorio
Koulutusohjelma: New Media
Tekijä: Leinonen Teemu
Työn nimi: The Art of Second Thought
Työn laji: Lopputyö

The Art of Second Thought - Communication and Cooperation Framework for European Research Project and FLE Research and Design Team This final thesis project deals with creative work in groups and teams. The context where the design work has been carried out is a large European research and development project and one research and design team working in the project (FLE team). The work presents design solutions for communication and cooperation of these partially overlapping, communities. The theoretical framework of the study is based on philosophy, sociology and psychology emphasizing communal working and problem solving in creative processes. The theoretical framework is setting aims for the ways of working, which the communication and cooperation tools should offer for the users. The work introduces some traditional methods of creative working. These traditional methods have guided the design work and can be recognized from the later solutions. The methodological approach of the design work is based on action research and participatory design relaying on qualitative interpretation of the research groups and teams working activities. Most of the design work has been carried out in a dialogue within the group and team. The main design solutions for the European project's communication and cooperation framework are a combination of web-based, email and shared virtual workspace -tools, and processes designed for the project. The solution for the research and design team contains several online tools, as well, and physical spaces for communication and cooperation. Especially in the case of the research and design team, the shared processes and physical space have been seen as crucial component for creative working. Furthermore, based on the traditional methods of creative working, one design concept, called Mobstorm is introduced to complement and show some further directions in the area of combining mobility and computer supported collaborative creative work.

Asiasanat: computer supported collaborative work (CSCLW)and learning (CSCL), group and teamwork, creative work
Säilytyspaikka: http://www.uiah.fi/~tleinone/teemu_leinonen_though
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