Aika: 1996
Tekijä: Merete Boström
Työn nimi: Kaukasialainen liitupiiri
Osasto: Lavastustaiteen laitos

In May 1994 I started my final work by working with costume for puppets in the play Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertholdt Brecht. The work continued to January 1995. The play was shown in the City Theatre in Helsinki and the director of the play was Eric Bass.

In the beginning I worked with the group from my department , making the puppets. But later I consentrated on the designs of the puppet's and actor's clothes. It were 22 puppets, 5 actors and two musicians. The costumes for the actors were made in the theatre. The clothes of the puppets were mainly done by me.

Aineisto: teksti 54 s., sis. kuvitus
Asiasanat: lavastustaide, pukutaide, nukketeatteri