Pvm: 1998

Osasto: Keramiikka- ja lasisuunnittelu

Tekijä: Keaney Brian

Työn nimi: WARM tea/coffee series


For this Diploma work a tea/coffee range and a set of storage jars were created, which combine ceramic and laminated bent elm wood and cork. The wood acts as a handle and insulator for the cups and 2 sizes of tea/coffee pots. Also included in the range are a sugar bowl, milk jug, 3 sizes of storage jars and a plate. With the exception of the plate all the other objects fire with either the cup or tea pots resting by their shoulders on the pot's /jug's rims.

This was an innovative aspect of the design saving energy and space during firing. Another aspect of the project was the subject of rituals. This subject influenced the choice of project but later it's influence decreased. The work was developed to production stage so that it is ready to be produced in a small studio. This greatly effected the execution of the project resulting in a long modelling and old making time. Working methods included sketching, modelling, cad and prototyping. Included in the thesis are details of all development work, an essay on rituals in eating and a detailed account of mold making and manufacturing procedures. Also included are the procedures on making the handles as well as detailed accounts of various glaze and clay tests to find a clear glaze and matching jiggering clay.

Processes used in making the pieces were casting and jiggering.


Aineisto: stoneware - ceramic, wood, cork

Asiasanat: tableware, tea, coffee, rituals, mold making, firing process