Pvm: 1998

Osasto:Keramiikka ja lasitaiteen osasto

Tekijä: Davidson Joanna

Työ nimi: Areal

I am a Master of Arts student in the Ceramic and Glass Department of the University of Art and Design Helsinki. In my work, I have always found a strong connection between geography and how one's identity is shaped. in forming this connection, I have chosen the map as a basis for discussion, as it both inspires and lends order to this process of identity.

In my investigations of maps and map-making, I drew upon the cultural traditions such as the Dreaming Tracks of the Australian Aboriginals as well as the more objective laws of Scientific map-making. From these sources I wish to parallel how my identity has been shaped by landscape and the physical geography of a place.

As I came from Canada to Finland to complete my degree, I realised what I wanted to make was influenced by mapping in it's documentary style, but also of the personal experiences found in my travels. As a result, the thesis work will be an exploration of my travels and imaginations, a series of glass pieces that "map" the influences, inspirations and philosophies of my surroundings.


Aineisto: glass, copper,steel

Asiasanat: territory, ataliation, curiosity, arel, topography