Pvm: 1997

Osasto: Keramiikka - ja lasisuunnittelun osasto

Työn nimi: The Division of the sky

Tekijä: Ortega Ayala Rosa Elena




My contact with nature in Finland led me to explore the ideas of sky and earth. It inspired me to study my indian roots and develop a project on Prehispanic Cosmology. Prehispanic ideology has always fascinated me because it is a celebration of nature. Its ordering of the earth and the sky presented an exuberant creation. The vision of the cosmos is portrayed though mythical images.

A fundamental image of the Mesoamerican Cosmology is the structure of the universe conceived on different levels. The concept of the indian universe orientate the intentions in my work. The Mexican stories are part of an ideology which I learned since my childhood.

Class contributes in this concept with its magical qualities and aesthetic characteristics, provoking modulations of light, undulations and sinuous movements. Creating optical effects and exalting the transparent.

The use of colour is fundamental and based on indian symbolism in which the colours represented concepts related to nature. Geometry has always been an essential point in my work.

The content of my Industrial Design studies led me to an interest in the creation of objects. That is to say, the relation between man and object, the evolution from concept to fabrication and the language of the material. To search for the form, because it involved an interpretation from the lines in my two dimensional drawings to three dimension in glass, required an evolution in my working process.

The designer must make a compromise between his drawings and the real behaviour of glass. In the details the atmosphere of the object is conveyed in the free blown technique small variations in the details are revealed which makes the piece unique. The designer must concentrate on essentials and derive sensuous pleasure from the inherent beauty of the material.

A dominant characteristic in Prehispanic cultures is the knowledge of proportions and composition, that delineate an order and harmony. All the objects possessed a principle based in the union of nature, geometry, mathematics an cosmogony.

This conception was based in three main elements; the circle and the square the duality and the symbolic attributes of the cosmogony in my culture aesthetics are overloaded because of the abundance of nature this contrasts strongly with the aesthetics in Finland. Studying in Finland has created a quieter language in my work.




Aineisto: Glass

Asiasanat: colour, geometry, motion, indian , universe, object, nature, sky