Pvm: 3.12.1996
Osasto: Keramiikka- ja lasitaiteen osasto
Koulutusohjelma: Keramikka- ja lasitaiteen koulutusohjelma
Tekijä: Maske Cathrine
Työn nimi: "Visible mysteries" - photography silk-screen printed inside glass
Työn laji: Lopputyö

In the autum of 1993 I came to University of Art and Design , UIAH, in Helsinki to study at the department of ceramic and glass desgn. I had been studying ceramics for three years at the University of Art and Design in Oslo, and had little knowledge of glass as no school in Norwary offers education in this direction.

It took some time to find my personal style in an area of such variety and tradition. Late spring 1994 I eventually ambarked on a project that both gave direction and meaning to my work. I performed my first experiments on preserving photographs inside glass, and by this started to concentrate on a subject of great importance and interest to me. The art of photography has always facinated me, and after my first experiments with photography silk-screen printed inside glas, I was certain what my ma should concern. It surprised me when I found that not many artists have comitted to my project when I discovered that the two media has a mutual history.

Througout the whole project I have used my own body as means of expression. The human body cinceals beauty and mystique which I want to preserve to eternal life inside the glass. Through the photographs and the lenslike glass I can make visible something inconceivable and magic hidden in ordinary and sensous fragments of the body.

Materials: Glass, photographic images silk-screen printed on with ceramic pigments on decals
Keywords: a memory, to preserve, shape and image is united
Number of pages: 40